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In April 2008, we were awarded the “Global Trader Programme” status by International Enterprise Singapore, which recognizes well-established international players (based in Singapore) with worldwide networks and a good track record.  Currently, we have subsidiaries and operations in:

  • Hong Kong, in charge of the Hong Kong and Macau markets;
  • Guangzhou, in charge of the People’s Republic of China market;
  • Seoul, in charge of the South Korea markets; and
  • Vietnam, in charge of the Vietnam markets.

From our headquarters in Singapore, and branch offices located throughout Asia, we sell and distribute refined petroleum products directly to customers, and also through resellers across the Asia Pacific region. Our target markets include:

· Singapore · Hong Kong · India
· Indonesia · Macau · Pakistan
· Thailand · People’s Republic of China · Sri Lanka
· Vietnam · South Korea · Pacific Islands
· Philippines · Taiwan · Australia

Our distribution business begins from collecting our products from the storage facilities of our suppliers in Singapore or from various ports – Through our facilities in Singapore, we are able to cover supply chain required in the distribution of refined petroleum products both locally and overseas. Our headquarter is equipped with packaging facilities, to repackage products collected in bulk from our suppliers into smaller packaging of drums or pails, as well as ample storage and logistic facilities to distribute and deliver our products to our customers’ premises, both locally and overseas, based on their specifications and requirements.