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SpectraSyn Plus

SpectraSynTM synthetic PAO base stocks provide outstanding lubrication for such applications as passenger car engine oils, driveline lubricants, industrial machinery and heavy-duty truck engines. Through our broad slate of SpectraSynTM PAO products, you will find the high fluidity PAO basestocks throughout the varying viscosities in one convenient source.

SpectraSyn EliteTM

SpectraSyn EliteTM metallocene polyalphaolefin (mPAO) is the ultra performance High Vis PAO which enable formulators to meet the highest automotive and industrial lubricant standards. As a great compatibility with other mineral oils, and synthetic fluids such as SpectraSynTM PAO, SpectraSyn EliteTM mPAO products deliver very significant performance advantages across a full range of viscosities.

With its exceptional high viscosity index, low temperature fluidity and shear stability properties, SpectraSyn EliteTM mPAO base stocks allow wide operating temperature range and extended service life capability. This in turn reduces lower maintenance costs and improves opportunities for energy savings.